Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ravelry and socks

I got my Ravelry invite last month, the morning we were leaving on our family vacation! I knew it was coming (I had been stalking the check your place in line page) so I got up extra early to sign in and look around a little before my guys got up and got moving. That turned out to be not such a great idea! Wow, there is a lot too look at! The entire time we were gone I kept wondering if anyone would notice if I disappeared for a bit to "check my e-mail". We all had a great time on our trip and I saved Ravelry for when I got home.

The only problem with Ravelry is that you could spend hours there without even noticing. There is just so much there. If you haven't signed up for your invite, get over there and do it right now. It only takes a second and they are really zooming through the wait list now. Even if you don't think it's for you, check it out, you will probably find something there you didn't even know you were missing.

I spent a little time checking out all the things I could organize, mostly just stuff off the top of my head (and that I had pics of on Flicker). I am not what you would call an organized knitter, but I wanted to give it a try. Everything was super easy to do and I was completely amazed at how perfectly everything was linked together, not just linking my stuff together, but my stuff linked to everyone's stuff. The more stuff I entered, the more cool stuff I found that ravelry could do. It is just so cool! I got to the page to enter all my needles and decided to just put in my dpns, to check it out. My dpns are pretty organized so it was easy to just grab them and enter the info. It turns out that this is really the only place on ravelry that isn't amazingly awesome! It's just a chart that you enter your needles into, but it ended up being pretty cool for me. I went and got my dpns and remembered that I had a few sets in the sewing box in my bedroom. I rummaged around to find them all and came across a skein of STR heavyweight Stonewash that I had completely forgotten I had. I am calling this my "welcome to Ravelry" yarn, thanks ravelry!

I haven't posted in a while (you might have noticed) but it's not just because I have been spending all my time on Ravelry, I have been knitting too. I finished my Harlotty socks and promised them to my oldest. I finished grafting the toes while the boys were in school and left the completed pair on the table in the hall outside of his bedroom. That night at dinner I noticed that my youngest already had the socks on his feet! I can't really blame him, they are nice socks.

Pattern: Basic sock with slip-stitch pattern
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts - STR Mediumweight in Harlotty
Needles: US# 1 dpns
Gauge: 7sts = 1"

I have some more socks done, just waiting to get some pictures. I even finished up a pair from Cat Bordih's new book! Those will have to wait for my next post, which I hopefully will be soon.


Kay said...

Oh, I like those socks. Exactly how did you do the pattern? It looks great!

Liz said...

I love it! Finding a skein of BMFA STR in your house is the equivalent of finding a $20 in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn since last fall!