Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wine and roses mitts

I've been super busy this month and just haven't had time to update this here blog-o-mine, sorry about that. I have finished quite a bit of knitting so I figure I better hurry and get caught up before I get my Ravelry invite and get all distracted over there. I just checked and there are only 530 people ahead of me!

I finished these up awhile ago and (as usual) I couldn't get a picture that captured how lovely they are. I wish I could show you just how soft and light these are. How incredibly elegant they are, but I can't. So, quick, go knit yourself up a pair - you won't be sorry!

Pattern: Wine and roses mitts, by Jolene Treace - Interweave Knits Winter 2006
Yarn: Rovings Cashmere Tweed
Needles: US #1 Crystal Palace dpns
Gauge: 8 sts = 1"

This yarn is WONDERFUL! My husband gave it to me for Christmas (he left the price tag on so I would know he wasn't skimping out). It is so soft, I love knitting with cashmere. The only problem I have with cashmere is that I don't like to frog it! I agonize over what I will knit with it because I want it to be right the first time. I have touched this yarn almost every day since Christmas and finally decided this was the right pattern. It was, I loved it from the moment I cast it on. I knit the pattern exactly as written, didn't change a thing and I didn't notice any errors either (at least I don't remember any errors, I did finish these awhile ago).

I had planned on keeping these for myself, but as I was knitting them I kept thinking about how great these would look on my mother's hands and how much she would love them. By the time they were finished, I knew they were meant to be for her. I am a little disappointed that they aren't mine but that's just the way it is sometimes. I will just have to knit another pair for my self.